7 Free AI Image Generators You Should Try

Are you on the search for AI-powered image generators but concerned about the costs? Well, In this article, we’ll see the seven free and fantastic image generators. From SeaArt.ai to DreamStudio.ai, we’ll explore the functionalities, free usage, and quality of generated images.

Let’s dive right in!

7 Free AI Image Generators:

1. SeaArt.ai

SeaArt.ai is an excellent choice for creating various images without any cost burden. What sets it apart is its user-friendly interface and the ability to fine-tune images to your liking. By using open-source models, it offers various options for image manipulation, including image quality, mode, size adjustments, and even facial restoration.

How Free Is It?

  • Generates 200 credits daily, which refreshes each day.
  • Provides advanced tools like image-to-image, control net, face swap, and upscale without any additional charges.

2. Playground.AI

Playground.AI offers a wide range of image styles and filters, giving users creative freedom. It allows customization through canvas adjustments, enabling users to work on multiple images simultaneously.

However, it might require more effort in prompting and customization to achieve desired results compared to other tools.

Free Usage Details:

  • Generates up to 500 images daily for commercial use without watermarks.
  • Offers limited customization options compared to some other AI generators.

3. Bing Image Creator

Using Dalle 3 for image generation, this tool excels in producing quality images straight away. However, it restricts functionalities like image-to-image generation, demanding more manual prompting for each desired output.

Free Usage Limitations:

  • Starts with a limited number of boosts and gradually replenishes them weekly.
  • Lacks certain features for seamless customization like brightness adjustments found in other tools.

4. Adobe Firefly

With its Generative Fill, Text Effect, and Recolor options, Adobe Firefly offers quality image generation for free. However, it limits the number of generative credits, requiring a subscription for continued access beyond the free plan’s limitations.

Free Plan Details:

  • Starts with a specific number of monthly generative AI creations.
  • Once credits are depleted, users must opt for a paid plan for continuous usage.

5. Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI boasts high-quality images but imposes credit limits for free users. Its extensive model options and related image suggestions enhance the user experience, despite the limitations on daily usage.

Free Usage Constraints:

  • Limits daily image generations, requiring credits for each image iteration.
  • Provides stunning image outputs but restricts the number of free daily creations.

6. BlueWillow AI

Once a prominent tool, BlueWillow now offers limited free credits and may not yield consistent quality results without additional payments. Users might encounter surprising limitations despite its previous standing as a top-tier image generator.

Free Credit Details:

  • Starts with a limited number of credits, charging for each generated image.
  • Recent changes might affect image quality and accessibility compared to its earlier status.

7. DreamStudio.AI

DreamStudio.AI, by Stability AI, aims to simplify image generation with user-friendly features. It offers various styles and prompt settings, enabling users to easily create images in different artistic genres.

Key Features:

  • Offers a selection of styles including pixel art, anime, and photography.
  • Allows adjustments in resolution and advanced settings like prompt strength.

Free Usage Details:

  • Provides a limited number of free credits upon creating an account.
  • Each image generation consumes a specific number of credits, with additional credits available via paid plans.


While these seven AI image generators offer a variety of features and functionalities, their free usage might come with certain limitations in terms of credits, customization options, or image quality. It’s essential to explore each tool to find the one that aligns best with your requirements and budget.